Pluralsight: Game Character Concept Design Fundamentals Course

Pluralsight reached out to me to develop a whole character design beginner's course for their Video Game Development Suite. If you would like to check it out there is a link below where you can get a 10-day FREE trial!

Game Character Concept Design Fundamentals is a beginner's guide for creating characters for a video game development pipeline. In this course, Game Character Concept Design Fundamentals, you'll learn the entire process of basic character concept design. First, you will explore everything from preliminary research to idealization. Next, you will discover silhouettes and rough sketches. Finally, you will learn how to do final rendering and creating an orthographic sheet ready for 3D modeling. By the end of this course, you'll have a better understanding game character concept designs. Software required: Photoshop CC.

Get a 10 Day Free Trial and check out the course here:

David kegg dwarf turnaround

Pluralsight: Game Character Concept Design Fundamentals by David Kegg

David kegg dwarf roughssheet